19 Jun

Opening Innovations in this Pandemic

There has been a surge in online chess due to corona pandemic. Many top players keep playing some event or the other to stay in better shape. We shall now look at few opening innovations and also few crazy moves played in this time. I was also curious to see which moves/ideas among these would have suited world champions and other top players of pre-computer era.
10 Jun

Think and decide - Part 2

Position after 15.Re1. This was from the final game of Tsaghgadzor open against Marin Bosiocic of Croatia. In the previous game, I missed innumerable chances to win my penultimate round and drew the game and in the process I also lost the chance of finishing top 3. Naturally, I was very upset about the chances I missed and luckily for me final game was scheduled in the morning and so I didn’t have much time to suffer or regret about the chances I missed.