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Hello everyone!

I hope you all doing fine in this tough Covid times. Off late there has been numerous developments in the medical field to combat the virus. Hopefully everything will be fine soon and OTB tournaments might happen soonsmiley.

I feel it is very important to stay tactically alert to be in top shape especially when the tournament starts.These positions are taken from different books on different topics so that sometimes it can be challenging to solve without knowing the topic!!

Below you can find some positions to solve to test your form!You can either comment your answer or e-mail to chessthulir@gmail.com .

Either ways, we will respond you!  It will encourage me and my team to post such positions frequently when we get response! 

1.Black To Play

2.Black To Play.What will you play?

3.Black To Play

4.White To Play

5.White To Play

6.White To Play

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